I made this “format” as way to sit and play some tribal decks with my friends but because of life and it’s mysterious way I haven’t been able to sit and play it. This is what I have written about we had planned.

Here’s a deck, I’ve been making for a while but it has became viable as of recently: Annoying Z’s

– At the beginning of each game players declare their tribe.
– Decks must be mono-colored (No hybrid, no colorless cards), and only cards in the modern card pool
– Colorless (Wastes Symbol) counts as a color
– Decks must be 60 cards
– 2 out of 3 wins the game.
– All creature cards must be of the same sub-type (ie. Soldier). If there are creatures of different sub-type there must all share a common sub-type (ie. Bird Soldier, Human Soldier)
– No side board. When you win or lose a game you are allowed to make alterations to the deck.
– All lands must be basic
– Banned cards: All color hate, tribe hate cards, and modern ban list cards.
– Restricted cards: If there were going to be a modern restricted list, and cards that target the whole battlefield but your opponent is the only one that control that specific kind of card. For example cards that destroy only of the opponent’s lands, when it hits the whole battlefield (ie. Flashfires says,”Destroy all Plains” but if you’re opponent is the only one using Plains this. If you would cast a mass removal spell that makes lethal damage but you have something that makes all your creatures indestructible then that mass removal spell is legal.
– Only 2 legendary creatures allowed per deck, these might be off tribe, they can be off tribe but must give direct support to your tribe (ie. “when this card leaves the game put a 2/2 Black Zombie token into play”, “Soldiers you control have +1/+1”). These cards will be known as ally. The 2 legendary creatures can be the same (ie. Liliana Heretical Healer).
– Planeswalkers are allowed but only 1 copy for each (ie. Liliana Vess, Liliana of The Veil, and Liliana, the Last Hope). Origins Planeswalkers count as legendary creatures. Planeswalkers
– Only 4 Enchantments are allowed only if hey must give direct tribal support (ie. “2B, taps, put a 2/2 Black Zombie token creature into the battlefield”). Auras count toward the Enchantment limit.
– Up to another 8 spells are allowed that do not necessarily gives direct tribal support. They might be permanents permanents or non permanents. You can choose any combination of the 8. (ie. 4 From Under the Floorboards and 4 Duress or 2 Basilisk, Collar 2 Duress, 2 From Under the Floorboards, 2 Damnation )