As an Ingress player, the precursor to Pokemon GO by the same company, Niantic. I’ve noticed there are a few similitudes between the 2 games, which are rather obvious really if you have played both games. I will be covering these while I write some preparation steps you should take before you throw yourself blind into the world, especially because there are many countries that are still having connectivity issues and could read on them before hand and have a more pleasant experience.

  • Poke Stops and Gyms are Ingress locations: Ingress is a big board game like RISK and as with RISK you need a map to see the territory you’re capturing. On you will find an Intel map you can log in with your Google account. The points you will see in the map are location of Ingress Portals which are the equivalent to Poke Stops and Gyms in PoGo –Pokemon GO-.


  • Scout the area you are going: Listen, the world we are living in is passing through a lot making a lot of places insecure. That why I mentioned the Ingress Intel Map this map is basically a copy of Google Maps, if you can cross reference the areas in GMaps with Intel, and you’re a local to the area, you might know how safe or unsafe the area is. Knowing is half the battle.
  • Don’t drive and play: This should be more than obvious but sadly the ingress community have lost some of its member due to cargress –play ingress in a car-, and falling asleep while driving. While, yes you can catch come ‘mons while driving is not safe if you’re not the passenger.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings: This is a game that will have you hooked up on your mobile device. Always follow the pedestrian safety rules especially if you are walking in heavy transited areas.


  • Use comfortable clothes for hardcore play: As I learned from ingress there are sometimes when we the players travel long distances, or wait hours for shards or artifacts that never come, its important to be comfortable specially since the PoGo was released in summer, having fresh or warm clothes can be the difference between having or not a hyperthermia attack or hypothermia in the winter, or a sweaty butt while walking great distances.
  • You will need to walk, you will need good walking shoes: As ingress has thought me there is a speed limit that the game will stop any registry of the app, you will see movement on it but everything will lag out for security reason and anti-spoofing mechanisms. This is important because the Egg hatching system which rewards you for walking as in contrast for ingress that you only get a medal for walking, which make a lot of player use the car to play the game, in PoGO you will walk.
  • Stay hydrated: Its summer and temperatures are rising quickly.
  • BUY NOW! A Battery pack/Power Bank!: Man oh man, the most important lesson from ingress has though all of its players, “you don’t want to be the only one in your play group without energy on your device”. Power banks are the best friend of the ingress player and at the rate battery consumption goes in PoGO it will be the best friend of the Pokémon trainer soon enough. If this is not an option because of your economic situation hang out with your cellphone charger and plug it to the nearest wall.
  • Battery SAVING but only from the app: Use the battery saving mode on your game, not one your phone if you use the battery saving option on your phone the GPS is going to get affected negatively. Use the app battery saving mode and turn off the sounds and vibrations for the app, while you are actively on it. Dont use the auto brightness setting on your device screen because with any change of brightness the battery will go down.


The are just some of the things I can think on top of my head but surely are of the most important to have a good time while playing Pokemon GO, now go and CATCH ‘EM ALL!