Preparing for Staurday’s Oath of The Gatewatch pre-realease event, I want to tell you how I decided to return to MTG.

There is nothing worse that falling in love with something and abandon it because you can’t keep up for whatever reason that might be. I abandoned Magic: The Gathering, a game which kept me going through rough times. Listen, I mean read, this game taught me more politics, micro management, organization, and how to socialize. Sadly, in college, I had to take a break from the game but in hindsight I approached it in the wrong way.

I first learned about Magic when I was on the Cub Scouts, when a friend of mine used to just collect the cards. There weren’t many places to get them in the island, so his father, a soldier, got him the cards on a store in the base he worked on. A while after I learned this I completely ignored the game because I couldn’t afford to go to a military base just for some cards but they still looked pretty awesome to me. Later in middle school I started playing a game called Yu-Go-Oh, which I enjoyed thoroughly but I got tired of the game since the local Yu-Gi-Oh community wasn’t as big as it is today in my area. I went to the local game store of that time called Berlin Comics which, to be honest for that time it seemed as the sketchiest place in existence, and there weren’t any other Yu-Gi-Oh players so I stayed there watching other people play another game called Magic. Since I had nothing better to do I bought an Intro Deck so I could learn and play.

Boy, oh boy! What a twist of events. The following Monday I arrived to school and sold my Yu-Gi- Oh collection for about $200 to another kid and I went to the LGS and bought so many boosters, and those old tournament packs. I also learned that in my school there was a group of kids that played Magic so I started playing with them.

A deck I remember I had was a Soldier Deck from the Scourge/Onslaught/Legion block with a Splash of 7th. I remember this deck was amazing, I loved it. But all things came to an end someone stole my Soldier Deck, in school. This was the first time I was so crushed emotionally with a game so I stopped caring for the game for a while, but I returned to it. After that what I remember the most are some of the Mirrodin/Kamigawa/Ravnica pre-releases that I went, especially how broken was Mirrodin. After that I went on low for the game.

Enter college. A best friend of mine which is a geek in general had bought some old 8th edition starting MTG pack which brought a CD-ROM with MTGO and he told me to teach him, so I did. This was the first time playing since HS. Another best friend got interested in the game, so we started playing, then another friend, and then another. Our whole crew of friends started playing magic in the middle-ish of the Lorwyn set it was great but college and life cough up with all of us, no job, no money, we had to give up the game and I made some financial decisions which got me really mad and had to give up all my MTG cards except my deck, I would never give them up. But I always checked MTG on social media once in a while to see what was up.

Fast forward 3 months or so ago. I was watching a YouTuber called boogie2988 open a Booster Box that was provided by a channel called MTGHeadQuarters. Through MTGHQ I found Tolarian Community College, then The Mana Source, and countless others. These MTG YouTubers ignited, again, a spark that I thought I lost. I wanted to play Magic even though I was and I’m still financially screwed. So I went to my first FNM in ages in January 8th and got my ass handed by a Modern Cycling deck, so I started assembling  a new deck for Modern which I don’t know how long will it take to assemble because of financial reasons but for the moment I will enjoy the ride because nobody is stopping this train.