Well, this blog has been pretty dead for what it feels like a millennium. Do not fret I’ve come to save the day, not that I’m are an actual hero *cough cough*

Magic The Gathering is the game that ignited the spark in me to learn more about the world of fantasy, is what in the end made me become a GM but made me return to be a player. How come? In magic you are a wizard with mighty spells to battle another wizard. Wizard was my first D&D PC because of the image I had in my head created by MTG.

With the lack of role play, recently, in my life I decided to return to Magic. I went to my LGS’ FNM to play in Modern format, to this point I don’t know if that was a dumb or courageous move to make. I was annihilated like a SOB in the first round, 2-0, by a Cycling Deck that overwhelmed the board with creatures. I was using a Mono White Control Deck with no real offense strategy. This presented itself as a situation earlier in the night when I played against another control deck that was Blue/Red/White but I decided to go all in to the FNM because I wanted to see what people were playing after an almost 5 year hiatus.

After I was beaten, I went home sat on my bed and decided that I want to play more even of it’s not as frequent. The player that beat me last Friday, January 8, advised me on looking into a deck called Death & Taxes. I did looked into that deck but I’m making my own variation since  some of those cards are out of my budget (trading and buying wise). So, I decided to start the card chase for a Mono White Control and today I got my first 2 envelopes with card that are going into that deck.


I hope that you enjoy what I have in store for the future of this blog.

Keep gaming, my friends.