Oh! Hi there! I didn’t expect to see you around these parts, especially since I have this blog as abandoned as orphan child. That was a really insensitive joke but the point still stands. I’ve been an irresponsible parent with this blog and I cannot keep promises that I will maintain it every week. Now, that I took that out of the way let’s talk about how much I hate being a Game Master in roleplaying games.  I know that escalated rather quickly.

Ok. First of all, when I say that, “I hate” being a Game Master does not imply that I will stop doing the job. In the end I’m one of the very few people that I know that is willing to do the “job”. What I hate is the fact that players assume that because you are a GM you will always want to be a GM. Right now I have a campaign underway. I’m just doing it for the sake of doing it and because I really want to play in some way or form. The bad thing about this as you might guess is the fact that I’m being a lazy fuck with this “campaign” which is a shame because I’m teaching a group of friends how to play.

I miss my old Game Master, Luis. I really miss his basic, yet complex way, of storytelling that kept you invested in the story. I consider that I’m a better player than storyteller to be honest but you got to do what you got to do. I’m I right?

Talking about doing stuff and things.

I got a d20 tattoo which is amazing. It’s colored purple and my first d20 that wasn’t a Magic the Gathering life counter.

Also tabletop gaming has guided me through mysterious ways. I’m designing my own tabletop game. It’s not an RPG but it has some influence from that kind of games. What I can tell you is that it is a mix of Munchkin and Magic the Gathering.

That would be all for now. I’ll talk to you soon, if I remember.