Tomorrow is the first session of the dungeon crawling campaign I’m going to run, almost by force. The problems already started and we have yet to begin it. Part of the problems are my fault, today was my birthday and I didn’t do anything and I have yet to choose the monsters the PCs will be fighting (not that is that difficult for a level 5 session) and I’m lacking the motivation to start doing that. The other problem I’m having is that I don’t know if to add a forest area for some monster variety or just keeping the theme of basements and dungeons to it. I really don’t feel ready AT ALL. My biggest concern at the moment is that one of the players is already skipping the first session because of work reason. I’m not mad at all but it bothers me because I only have three players, such an odd number (the pun is always intended). One is an Alchemist, one a Sorcerer and the last is a Paladin, and they are rolling those classes for the first time, it will be a slow session and I really want it to be a fast one.

Anyways I think I’m over thinking this or that is what my brain wants me to believe. Let’s see what I end up doing. I hope for the best.