My friends want that I master another campaign starting this Friday. Truth to be told I don’t want to especially because I’m having unsolved issues with one of the players. I know that a good GM leaves the problem out of the table and concentrate in the game but really I don’t know if I can this time, I’ll make a godly effort though.

Another problem. My creativity has not made a return so I decided to go the least creative way possible for a campaign; I’m making a dungeon crawler campaign.  I know that in the end you have to be creative so the dungeon crawler don’t start getting monotone but at least I don’t have to construct a big lore for roleplaying, something simple for someone whose muse left a while ago.

I don’t even remember the starting level of this dungeon crawler (I think it was either lv.5 or lv. 1) so I still don’t know what monsters to send them. I’ve been also dealing with a lot of personal problems recently and I don’t know how this will affect my GM tactics for this game. There’s a lot of stuff going on right now and I really don’t want to play because I don’t want to make a sloppy job but also I don’t want to let my players down so gaming it is.

I really don’t know what to do anymore >.<”