Hello again and welcome to the Dungeon Strategist WordPress blog. Today’s topic will be directly related to my last entry in the blog. Today I will talk about a home brewed magical item that I made for my players and that they found inside one of the rooms that was concealed behind one of the mysterious doors in The Stoning Room (read the previous blog entry for more information about this room). The item is called The Pulverizing Crystal or The Pulverizing Sphere.


The Pulverizing Crystal or Sphere




  • Principal: To remove clusters of rock. Let say your players don’t have a Rouge or any characters with the Disable Device skill and they need to get from point A to point B. They can use this item to break through rock or stone.
  • Secondary: To be used as a weapon. Steel like materials will cause sonic damage to the bearer and everything on a radius. Using the sphere on wood will cause the wood to explode and it will make damage to everything and everyone on a radius.


Physical description:

  • Shape: Round.
  • Size: Approximately the size of a tennis ball or 2.575-2.700 inches in diameter (thanks Wikipedia for this).
  • Color: Translucent Brown(ish) Orange.
  • Interior: Glowing in the interior of the crystal sphere the player can see a spiral shaped ethereal energy moving in its axis.
  • Usual Temperature: Warm.



Principal Purpose: For removing cluster of rock, stone and dirt the player character holding the item must make fortitude check, it’s up to the GM to the determine what will be your fortitude save. I think the fortitude save must go from something not too easy to reach but neither too difficult. The fortitude save is because the sphere will vibrate strongly when it’s used for this purpose, failing the fortitude save will mean that the player drops the sphere and he or she has to pick it up again.

Secondary Purpose: The secondary used of the sphere is to be used as a weapon when used on any surface made of any metal and wood. When the sphere is used on metal surfaces it will cause a d10 Sonic Damage to its bearer and any player character and non-player character in a 10ft radius and a d6 of damage after that up to an additional 40ft radius. When used on wood the wood will explode throwing shards of wood up to a 120ft radius. The damage of the wood shards will be equivalent to the size of the wood object it explodes:

  • Up to 10ft of wood will do 1d6 of damage
  • Up to 20ft of wood will do 1d8 of damage
  • Up to 40ft of wood will do 1d10 of damage
  • Up to 70ft of wood will do 1d12 of damage
  • Up to 100ft of wood will do 1d10+1d6

The player characters and non-player characters may throw a Reflex saving throw to DC15 to take half the damage to up 20ft of wood, 70ft or higher cannot be saved with a saving throw.

Other important rules to note:

  • If a player were to use the sphere while using a glove the sphere won’t work, the sphere must stay in contact with the skin of the user.
  • If the sphere is used during combat for breaking through stone or rocks it will take one turn of the player using it for each 6 inches of thickness, so if something is 18 inches in thickness will last three full turns of the player.
  • The sphere is going to work only to the person that picks it from the floor or wherever it was found, it will not work for any other player unless they drop it on the floor by accident or on purpose.
  • The sphere besides causing sonic damage when it comes in contact with metal it will bend the metal, no matter the rarity of it but it will never destroy it or plunge a hole in it.
  • If a player character or non-player character transform their self into stone and they touch the item the limb that touched the stone will fall of making the character lose that limb.
  • If a player character or non-player character transforms their self into metal and they come in contact with the sphere as soon as they come back to normal they will have their bones shattered.
  • If the sphere is used on a metal armor the armor will bend to the inside and cause 1d4 of damage to the bearer of the armor.



May your d20 always crit.